Wireless Communication Solutions

LoRa Wan, WiFi, and GSM 4G



A range of products that use WiFi, GSM 4G LoRa wireless communications. This is one of the team member slots you can have for your company. this is the best devices ever

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TIC - Telemetry Information Concentration


The TIC has GSM 4G, communications primarily for locations without LoRa Gateways.

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TOC- Telemetry Optional Controller


Multi I/O device and RS485 interface for modbus to LoRa, 5 year battery life

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STREETLIGHT Monitoring and Control


Lora Wan control with dimming, 3 and 7 pin plugin devices, dimming control over LoRa.

Smart Meter tic toc.


A Sub meter, support monitoring and control of electrical distribution panels, automatic meter reading of 6 single phase or two 3 phase circuits

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Weather Station Lora based unit.


Lora Radio Weather Station with UV, rain gauge, temperature, humidity solar powered

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Health and Safety frequency Decoder


Removes most air born frequencies, two frequency bands 50Hz to 60Hz and 300Hz to 1GHz to protect health thru better blood circulation.

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Portible health frequency decoder LCARE


Other products


Current accessories and products

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About us

Previously, Cyplex Communications S/B delivering telemetry products to the Water industry for level, flow and pressure. previous clients Malacca, NS, Johore, Pahang and private sector with Puncak Niaga Berhad.

Now called Cyplex Energy Solutions the distributor for Cyplex Communication Pty Ltd manufactured products from Australia bring LoRa Wan long range radio to Malaysia on the prescribed Malaysian band Plan.

CES has a full range of LoRa products that cover the end points, gateways/base stations and Network Servers. the new product is a Network Server Software design in Linux OS for private lora applications example would be monitoring and control of water Treatment plants large factories etc. The Private LoRa is best used for a localized LAN based product not connected to the internet or 3/4G.

Our primary end point is the new Cyplex Smart Meter (sub meter) working on LoRa open source with great features with demand side management. There are 5 models using CT clips (induction coil method) each unit has 6 single phase inputs, inbuilt memory (3months at 5 minute intervals). Great for 3 phase monitoring of large motors (water pump, Lift, sewage pump, gate motors etc).

CES S/B have designed a new tapping valves for the pipeline systems with 3 inserts. I have also created a FIX for the Cello pressure and flow device that currently runs on 2G. Once 2G is redundant CES has a solution that will remove the GSM requirement to a TOC with Lora Radio and a fix for the bladder replacement (see downloads).


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