Health and Safety frequency Decoder

Health and Safety frequency Decoder

Removes most air born frequencies, two frequency bands 50Hz to 60Hz and 300Hz to 1GHz to protect health thru better blood circulation.

This patented product is new technology can decode (cancel) frequencies between 50Hz to 60Hz and 300Hz to 1GHz. It also will give better blood circulation by breaking up the cluttered blood caused by non ionization radiation. 

Health and safety device. Has a good open air range of around 8 meters radius. Indoor found to handle 2 story houses, range can be affected by metal.  Ideal for a electrical maintenance workers or the home to protect your family against electrical appliance radiation and their is a lot.

We can do a radiation test of your home or office just make an appointment.

Radiation and your blood, The decoder helps separate the clusters.

These two pictures above shows the radiation from a Cell phone there are more types of frequencies eminating from the circuit board besides the modem that runs the GSM network on your mobile.

Below will help see the types of electrical devices and other man made devices that produce non and ionization radiation.

Non ionization radiation take time to effect your health through clustering your blood. Whereas, ionization radiation is lethal and is quick acting on the chemical makeup of your body. 

The frequency decoder will at least relieve most frequencies below 1Ghz from devices that radiate dirty electrical frequency's. Below shows the incandescent light that was band in USA for the Florescent that was cheaper on electricity but what the public did not know is the amount of radiation it puts out