Smart Meter tic toc.

Smart Meter tic toc.

A Sub meter, support monitoring and control of electrical distribution panels, automatic meter reading of 6 single phase or two 3 phase circuits

The Cyplex Smartmeter (CSM)

This is a sub meter that when attached to an electrical 240Vac circuit it acts like a Smartmeter. It has 3 remote communication methods;

  1. LoRa WAN
  2. WiFi
  3. GSM 3/4G

A 4th method allow units to be wired together in a daisy chain and uses modbus language for data messaging between unit to a Master on one of the communication methods.

Smartmeters comes in 5 ranges and calibrated at the manufacturers level.

The 5 ranges are;

  1. 60 Amps
  2. 120 Amps
  3. 400 Amps
  4. 600 Amps
  5. 5000 Amps

The Smartmeters currently sold have 6 electrical inputs this allows one Smartmeter to read

  • 6 mechanical/digital meters or
  • 3 mechanical/digital meters and 1x 3phase circuit or
  • 2 x 3 phase circuits.

Ideal for adding to a mechanical meter making it a Smartmeter for remote billing and monitoring. Also for monitoring 3 phase motors such as Water pumps, Building lift motors or any 3 phase supply circuit such as low voltage feeder pillars and substations.